Thursday, September 26, 2013

Isherwood Studios - on the blog-o-sphere!

So, welcome to the Isherwood Studios blog!  Ok, so it's more of the "when Isherwood has time to sit down at the dining room table and sculpt which is practically never" blog, but I'm really hoping opening up this portal to share what I'm up to and when will help me, and entertain you!

On the right, you'll notice some historical pages that I created of works I've done in the recent past.  Enjoy browsing while you're waiting for updates on the up coming new stuff!  New works will be added to the list once they're done.  Until then, progress reports will show up in blog posts.

I'm currently perpetually working on three pieces at the moment, a Breyer Huckleberry Bey to a galloping stock horse, a Breyer Salinero to a side stepping Lusitano and a simple CM on the new Peter Stone Santa Fe Morgan.  Here are a few of the latest pics of each.

Salinero CM in the works.
Galloping Huck Bey in the works.
Well, I just looked for some photos of the Santa Fe Morgan and I can't find any, but I am doing a couple of things with him.  His legs are too short, so they got stretch a little, his neck was horrible, so he's getting a new one of those, head now turned in the opposite direction, and he'll have a new tail.
More pictures and updates to follow as they come!

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